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[jobs] Google recon II: into the 'plex! [Jun. 9th, 2014|01:38 pm]
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Turns out my Facebook friend list is full of lurking tech-industry workers. A friend who I know via the Berkeley programming contest got in touch with me and invited me for lunch and a tour of the GooglePlex today.

First impressions: Goddamn, everyone is so young! It's like a college campus. Only more crowded! It is a hive of open-plan offices heavily populated with things like: (free) cafes and cafeterias, nap pods, gyms, volleyball courts, experimental aircraft (there is a spaceship 1 prototype hanging in one of the buildings), ball pits, pool tables, etc.

I'm happy that I'm doing reasonably well with jet lag, having managed to immediately adopt a local sleep schedule. Still a bit tired, though, which will be a small handicap in tomorrow's "ruthless grilling."

[User Picture]From: furzicle
2014-06-09 11:32 pm (UTC)
Yeah, your harlequin patchwork shoes would have been great. I'm sure green will be almost as great. Looking forward to hearing the debrief. GOOD LUCK!
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