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update [Feb. 17th, 2016|12:41 am]
There's been at least two happenings worthy of an update in recent weeks-

* I moved to Alameda!
* We detected gravitational waves!

Well we actually detected the gravitational waves back in September, but this was just announced publicly (and the papers released, etc) last Thursday, to much fanfare. More about that that in another post, presumably.

And: Alameda! The new place is the second floor of a giant old house with glorious hardwood floors, just two miles from my work, and walking distance to the beach! The landlord is very shady and is renting out rooms individually - hence, random housemates! It's an adventure and so far I'm very happy with it. Housemates are Wayne and Anisa from Los Angeles -- Wayne is a postdoc at LLNL and Anisa is an actress -- and Serena, who works at a book publisher during the week and some coffee shops during the weekend. And two cats! Cats and dogs living together, what will happen next.