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preparations for the trip [Jul. 31st, 2002|05:31 pm]

Our midday visa-acquisition trip to Tel Aviv was partially successful. Toni and I received our Jordanian visas without difficulty, but unfortunately they refused to do anything for Dushan, saying it would take a month to process his application. The Yugoslavian embassy (phone 03-604-5535) was of little help.

We took the commuter train to Tel Aviv central station (one stop after Ha'Shalom) (NIS 12). From there it is an easy walk, or in our case, taxi ride (NIS 6 each) to Ramat Gan, where the Jordanian Embassy is located on the tenth floor of the highrise "Beit Oz" (home of Oz Investments Ltd) at 14 Abba Hillel Silver Street, phone 03-751-7722. Single-entry, 3-month visas are 88 shekels for all nationalities and NIS 168 gets you a 6-month multiple-entry visa. The consular department is open weekdays (Sun-Thu) 09:00 to 12:30. A passport sized photo is apparently required for the application and thus we were directed to a photo shop two blocks away where 8 passport-style photos are printed up for NIS 20. We were searched three times (entering the building, entering the embassy, entering the consular department), and of course when getting on the train, so if you can avoid bringing any bags, backpacks, etc, it accelerates the process.

On Monday I posted several signs around the Institute expressing my desire to buy or borrow Lonely Planet guidebooks for Jordan and Egypt (at $30 each I'd rather not buy them new). A nice Kazakhstani guy from the 7th floor replied and has loaned me the guide to Jordan, the "Middle East" compilation, and a more recent Israel & The Palestinian Territories guide.