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alternator [Feb. 20th, 2016|11:35 pm]
[Current Location |Alameda, CA]

Somewhere on my drive to Byron today, the alternator belt gave up the ghost.
Battery light was on the whole drive home - ignition finally pooped out in West Oakland. Naturally my cellphone battery was also dead, so instead of summoning a yuppie transit car, I hoofed it all the way home - three miles including the horrible Posey Tube (underwater tunnel built in the 30's). So that was today's urban adventure.

* Hopefully my car will survive the night in West Oakland.
* It's parked right in front of a Porsche repair shop. Maybe I'll just have them fix it on Monday. Or I'll go out tomorrow with a new belt and some wrenches.

Some questions you may ask:
* Why didn't I drive directly to AutoZone when I saw the red battery light?
* Why don't I have backup phone charging capability?
* Why not take the bus instead of walking?
* Why not use the excuse of a car breakdown to go in and talk to the cute and interesting employees at that new bakery that I walked by? Maybe they would flirt with me and comp me an Uber. Now we'll never know.