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coffee insomnia [Jul. 15th, 2016|02:16 am]
* post brought to you by afternoon-coffee induced insomnia

things that happened recently:

- saw simone giertz and mary roach at nerd nite east bay. they are amazing. with maria, and co-workers sophie and onath.

- i saw the glorious strandbeests at the exploratorium, and also saw adam savage (of mythbusters fame) in person, as he demoed a strandbeest-inspired creation. (with ben berry, and we ran into paula, and rosanne and justin)

- with maria, and nicholas and diane, and a guy from chaos who chose for himself the american-name "Hemingway", to the "arroyo seco", an entirely misnamed Shangri-La of swimming holes in the viscinity of Gilroy in the Ventana Wilderness, a place of much mystery and intrigue, to which we must return.

- conor came to visit, my former co-postdoc from hannover. i took him to the mission, we ate delicious mexican food at taqueria can-cun. we washed it down with beer on the ferry back to alameda, then joined my housemate's birthday party. on sunday I lead a hike up mount tam, where we stopped at the west point inn for a pancake breakfast two miles in.

- oh yeah also I went to munich, austria, and slovenia. maybe I should tell you about that? favorite thing: the eisbachwelle. and beautiful lake bled, and swimming in the adriatic at piran (slovenia).

- at my work yesterday we had an hour-long fitness class. only six people showed up, but it was super fun, and now I hurt everywhere.


- going to a burlesque cabaret circus thing tomorrow, here in Alameda in a circus tent on the taxiway.

- And then this weekend, with my co-workers I'm going camping out in the Sacramento river delta, on Tim Anderson's land, which is a sort of beautiful swampy junkyard, and we will swim in the river and maybe take a boat to visit Ephemerisle.

- bryce and robin's wedding, near eugene oregon, in august. and then my uncle mike and andrea, at their house out in the high desert near lake tahoe (loyalton ca).